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Gulley drainage channels with grating

Residential Drainage

Is your garden always marshy? Does it take hours for water to drain away after rains? Does water flood into your basement or property?

Our highly skilled and experienced surveyor will recommend a sub-soil drainage system or French drain (as some call it), gully drain, bench drain and CDM system. Applications for bench drainage and CDM systems go hand in hand with basement waterproofing.

Since 1985, Dampcon® have installed thousands of meters of residential drainage system’s varying from French drains to gully drains to bench drains. We design and install systems that are 100% effective and recommended by civil engineers. Our unparalleled workmanship, quality, cleanliness and efficiency is beyond the industry standard, making Dampcon® your best choice to drain your water away.

Whether you are built on clay, ou-klip, shale or even rock, our drainage system is specifically designed to naturally remove rain or underground water away from an area, in the most seamless way possible, using the slope of the land. Where the levels don’t allow this, we have to install a sump and pump with an automatic float switch for your convenience.

Our professional services also include the installation of water storage tanks, that can be connected to your Dampcon® certified drainage system for rain water harvesting.

Our experts not only know how to get water away from your home, but we will reduce the potential for damp walls and design the drainage system your property requires, with flexible payment terms. It’s just a matter of when you would like us to start.