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OHS compliant industrial painting company

Industrial Painting Companies

We, at Dampcon®, believe that painting the interior and exterior of your factory, warehouse or facility, is vital in preventative building maintenance and creating that appealing fresh look.

Why use Dampcon® as your preferred Industrial painting contractor?

Our friendly and efficient service from the start to after sales. The peace of mind doing it properly with a reputable and insured company. Affordable flexible payment terms with a renowned no-nonsense guarantee.

Dampcon’s health and safety standards are stringent. Our crews are up to date with all medicals as well as heights and safety training. SLAM procedures are carried out before the start of any project to ensure the hazards are identified, risks assessed and controlled.

Our industrial painting crews are not only experts at their craft, they also friendly, respectful and well mannered and have an appreciation for doing the job with as little inconvenience as possible. We emphasise that preparation and meticulous skill is the key to an absolute magnificent finish of any building.

Our factory manufactures the finest quality of interior paint, exterior paint and roof paint. Our ability to manage quality from raw materials to painted building sets us apart.

Whether you need a factory painter, warehouse painter or any painter - we offer a full turnkey industrial painting service, from technical support, inspections, reporting and quoting to full project planning and onsite management.

When selecting us as your preferred painting contractor you can rest assured that your warehouse or factory will get the five-star Dampcon® touch with the service to match!