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Damp specialists

Damp Specialist

Dampcon® specialise in the treatment of rising damp, lateral damp and water penetrating damp. We are market leaders in the damp specialist industry and have been since 1985.

Why use Dampcon® as your professional damp proofing contractor?

Dampcon® offer a full turnkey damp proofing and house painting service, from technical support, inspections, reporting and quoting to full project planning and onsite management.

We offer five-star service from first contact, to aftersales all with our renowned no-nonsense guarantee and flexible payment terms to suit your budget.

How do you know if you have damp walls?

If you see bubbling paint, blistering plaster and a “white powdery” substance (hygroscopic salt deposits) showing on your walls, then contact us for a comprehensive assessment with our electronic moisture meter before it affects your health.

What is rising damp?

Rising damp is excessive dampness at the base of a wall caused by ground moisture, rising through the bricks and mortar via capillary action. Rising Damp occurs when the DPC (Damp Proof Course) is defective, absent, bridged or incorrectly installed.

What is lateral damp?

Lateral damp only occurs where there is a change in ground / floor levels. As such, moisture migrates laterally through the wall beneath the horizontal DPC causing the paint to peel and plaster to blister.  

What is penetrating damp?

This type of damp commonly occurs when there is water ingress from roof leaks, plaster cracks, window sills, parapets to name a few.

Dampcon® will comprehensively assess your property with the aim of addressing all the causes of your damp walls.

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