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Why are guarantees important?

How often do you hear the word guarantee when you are acquiring a service? It’s quite often isn’t it? And if you don’t get a guarantee, usually you can expect minimal service or lack of support for the service rendered, agreed? Great! Let’s break it down in terms of benefits and why it’s important for you as a consumer and for a company. 


It goes without saying. Companies that offer guarantees are more trustworthy than the ones that don’t. However, this doesn’t mean every company is trustworthy. You will still need to do your research. 


More often than most, companies that honour their guarantees have high levels of workmanship and use trialled and tested products to ensure they don’t get called back. 


Yes, I know what you are thinking, “Guarantees mean nothing if there is no or little customer service”. And you are right. They mean nothing in this case. However, this is where research is important. Today there are many ways to find if the company you eying out has good or bad service. Platforms such as Hellopeter, Facebook and blogs or forums with a little common sense can guide you in choosing the right service provider. 

Quick tip: Remember this, if a company offers a 5 year guarantee on the service provided, but they only been in business for 2 years. Use this as your first warning sign. 

Its good for the company

How can it be good for the company you ask? Well, think of it this way. There is no perfect service provider, something can go wrong or not as planned. It happens. This is where it benefits the company. Whenever there is a guarantee claim, this is an opportunity for the service provider to fix, learn and show you the customer, what service, quality and trustworthiness really means. By doing this the service provider not only improve, they also build a good relationship with you for the future. And that’s VALUE FOR MONEY. 

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