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Specialist VS a builder / handyman. What is the difference?

The age old question, but has anybody answered it? Why is it important to know this?  Before we answer, lets do a quick comparison. 

Specialist contractor is simply a contractor who specializes in the field where a general and building contractor has little or no experience. Most cases, on a bigger site, your main contractor oversees both the specialist and builder.

Why is a specialist contractor important?

Well, imagine this. Jonathan’s multi-million rand Ferrari has a slight issue with the engine. He knows nothing about cars; however, the car isn’t broken as yet so, “it can’t be too bad, right?” He calls 3 mechanics up to inspect the car. 

  1. 25 year old, never worked on a Ferrari, but worked on many cars and ‘’they all the same” so its “sweet”. Also, he is the cheapest, by far! 
  2. 50 year old, owns a car workshop and been doing it since early days, has never worked on high end sports cars, but with his experience, it cant be that difficult, plus he isn’t the cheapest, so that should count for something. 
  3. 32 year old, only 5 year experience and is a high end sports car specialist, working on them daily with supervision from a senior mechanic. They know the cars like they know their kids. However, they are 2x more expensive and that’s “just ridiculous”. 

Of course, this may seem scripted to make it look like mechanic number 3 is favourable. The fact is he is, and most certainly should be the first choice every time. However, its not the case here. Mechanic number 2 is selected to carry out the repairs. The engine is stripped and repairs have been made. The car runs like normal for now, however, due to the lack of knowledge in Ferrari’s the repairs wont last due to the incorrect consumables and cheaper parts used as well as the way in which the parts were assembled. Its just a matter of time before the damage gets worse. Down the line he is now sitting with a Ferrari that is broken. 

The result of a cheap choice...

The age old question, has any one answered it? Yes. They have. Jonathan here, answered it. Unfortunately he went the long and expensive way to get the answer, because now he needs to pay 2x more than he would have for the original repairs, plus fix the broken car. So, his costs have increased exponentially in the long run.  

Jonathan’s Ferrari costs as much as a house or building.

Would you choose a general builder or specialist contractor?

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