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Maintaining your home: Part 3

There is so much more to life, than home maintenance.

Home maintenance can be extremely costly, and something one would like to avoid. Part 3 of our "Maintaining your home" series should help. Family holidays, new appliances, new car, to name but a few things you would rather do than carry out inconvenient, boring home maintenance.
But…It doesn’t have to be that way. Interior maintenance can be entertaining, especially if you allow yourself to embrace it rather than regret it. Let me break it into smaller chunks for you.


Firstly, if you don’t need to paint then don’t. But before you throw the idea completely away, do a quick inspection of your walls. Signs of peeling and cracking paint along a wall can be a sign you don’t want to avoid. Get a professional out to inspect it.


Are your showers leaking? Sometimes it’s hard to see if your shower is leaking, other times, it’s as clear as day. Peeling wall adjacent to the shower is a sure indication of either bad plumbing, or defective waterproofing. This is specialised. Its recommended to get a professional out immediately to inspect before it gets too bad. The worse it gets, the more expensive it will be to fix.

Plumbing in general

It won’t hurt getting a plumber/leak detector out to inspect your plumbing once a year. Few hundred rands for the inspection could save you thousands later.

Inspection of your ceilings

This is an easy one. Look at your ceilings for yellow stains. This may be obvious, however for most, seeing a stain we tend to believe it was there before or its not serious. Again, could be small now, but if not looked at that could get costly to repair.


This doesn’t fall under maintenance; however, it deserves to be on the list. Keeping your house well ventilated and aired, is an absolute necessity. Prevention of bacteria and mould build up in your warm cosy house will prevent any lung or allergy diseases. Especially if you have pets!

Being conscious of your house inside and outside, will not only help you get the most value out of it, but also prevent you from spending thousands unnecessarily. Also, wouldn’t you want to live in the best environment possible?

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