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Maintaining your home: Part 2

In this second part of our Maintaining your Home series, we will be talking about painting and building maintenance. 

As you know, paint unfortunately doesn't last forever, regardless of the top of the range, huge guarantee and amazing Nano technology or new improved formula's, paint companies promote. Sure, those are good to have in place when buying paint, but it doesn't mean you are clear out the water, in fact provided you have had a professional out to inspect your walls, drainage and waterproofing before you paint, putting the best paint on your walls unfortunately may give you very poor and disappointing results. So where do you start? 

Do you get a professional out or do you do it yourself? 

Well, this is entirely up to you. Getting a pro out is hugely beneficial, but it’s not entirely necessary. First off, to be sure if your house is ready to paint you can check just by seeing how faded the paint is, also peeling and water damage/stains on you interior and exterior walls and ceilings will give you a good idea on how much and what kind of preparation is needed. If you find damp, then doing it yourself perhaps is a little optimistic, especially if its severe. Doing it right the first time, will give you the results you see in magazine articles and tv shows. And that’s what we want! If its case, getting a damp pro out to inspect and get to the bottom of it, is what you want to do. Understanding how damp occurs is one of the most important steps to ensure treating it will be lasting, and effective. 

So, now you think you ready to paint. As yourself these questions as a double check: 

  1. A) Is your house sufficiently waterproofed, such as flat roofs, parapet walls window sills or any flat surface on your house. 
  2. B) Are you walls in a "dry" condition. In other words, can you see moisture or bubbling of paint and plaster 
  3. C) Your plumbing? is it all in good shape. When last have you had your pipes checked for leaks? 

If you hire a pro, he should check this. However, it’s always good to know. Just to keep ahead of your game. 

So when do you paint? 

The best time of the year in Gauteng and the Cape is in the summer time. The days are longer, sun is hotter and any dew or condensation on the walls will dry out quicker. This allows for a better-quality finish in paint and in workmanship. However, you are not limited to painting in summer, winter is good too. Just keep in mind you have your weather app in check. You want to start painting from 10am onwards in winter. Ensuring it’s not too cold and the sun is warm enough to dry any moisture off the walls, and good ventilation on the interior rooms. If you are expecting rain, make sure you give the paint enough time to dry before applying a second coat for outside walls. Sometimes you may have to hold off on that second coat for the next day. keep this in mind and you are winning. 

Now that you know what to look out for, maintaining your home has become easier hasn't it? in the next chapter, we will be talking interior and how to keep up with home maintenance

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