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Does insurance cover damp?

Firstly, lets outline the causes to damp in walls. 

The appearance of damp in your walls is the usual case of bubbling of paint, wet marks, white powdery substance and staining. The causes? While each damp problem is fairly unique; causes symptoms and appearance can be quite similar, sometimes linked. Below are the popular causes to damp. 

  • Poorly built, unmaintained or lack of waterproofing on roofs, window sills, parapet wall tops and other horizontal surfaces- This is called penetrating damp. 
  • Rising or lateral damp caused by ground water. This is common in both properties built near water and dryer areas. Moisture from the ground moves into the brickwork.
  • Flooding, sprinklers or burst/leaking plumbing 

So.. is damp claimable by insurance? 

Short answer is yes and no. 

Most damp cases are caused by either lack of maintenance, poor design or bad workmanship. As a result, your claim will be rejected on that basis and would be rightfully assumed as maintenance to the property. Damp caused by a freak storm, whereby a leak or breakage had occurred, or a burst water pipe in your wall, your claim will be considered in most cases awarded. As you can see, there is a fine line between the two, at the same time however, its clear insurance companies will only consider “acts of nature” as claimable. 

So how do you claim? 

Contact us, we will inspect and write a report for you to submit to your insurance company or broker. 

Further information and contact information is available at www.dampcon.co.za