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Balcony Waterproofing

When considering to build your dream home, a lot of the time our thoughts go into the finished project and not necessarily what needs to go into it and the costs attached to ensure the house is reasonably maintainable in the future. 

Nowadays, balconies are the norm and offer an elegant touch to what will be, your dream home. They glamourous and often give you glorious views, so why the heck not, right? Great, its done. 6 months down the line, your builder signs off, gives you his guarantees and wishes you well. You move in to your dream home finally! Then, as if suddenly, you start to realise your dream home isn’t as perfect as it on paper. 

A white “salt” like substance and Mouldy looking stuff begins to form on the underside of the balcony, and not long after that water is drizzling through. Realising your balcony is defective you look into waterproofing. 

This is when to call the experts.

Rushing off to your nearest supply store for a waterproofing sealant will not last or even work! The damage will get worse and you will spend way more than you should. Understanding, that the problem is not necessarily where the water is pouring down (Most of the time) and that it’s a little more technical than just sealing. Also, remembering that design plays a big role in the functionality of any waterproofing system. If the design is incorrect, or off spec, this will need to be corrected before any waterproofing can be done. Often, your average builder does not know and will not waterproof to spec. This is why it is important to use waterproofing specialists. We are in business for a reason.

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