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2020 vision

Another year of experience, knowledge and wisdom under the belt. So, what have we learnt from 2019 to improve our 2020 experience?

Firstly, lets re-cap 2019. 

Rugby world cup winners! This was a win for a nation that needed it. Boy, did we need it. Amidst the general negativity and South Africans fighting each other and fleeing the country, we did it. We won “one” of the biggest sporting competitions in the world. Perhaps, this is what we needed (even for a short time) before we carried on with the onslaught of negative news and politics. 2019, was a year to define our direction for 2020. Whether it’s good or bad, it’s all a matter of perspective. 

January 2020 came at us like a storm, metaphorically and quite literally. Between the extremely hot days, beautiful rain fall. Reminds us of the promise that mercy exists, even in something as natural as weather. 

What can we take from this? 

Well, preparation, hope and belief. Preparation, how prepared are you? For instance, if you know your building needs maintenance to weather the storms and protect you and your possessions as well the value of the building, do you not do it because of the state of things politically or do you do it, and do it properly, in preparation of your mentality and stability? 

Well, the Springboks prepared for a competition of their lives! They prepared to win, and they won, WE won. See, they took the negativity these metaphoric storms produce, and manufactured brilliance by simply preparing and executing. 

2020 vision is clear. Sure, there are obstacle’s in the form of Governance, politics and crime, but do we prepare ourselves to be winners and progressors or do we let the enemy win? HELL NO!

So naturally the question is, how do we prepare?

To ensure you are standing in a position of strength, take stock. Check your assets. Investments plans and property. IS your property well maintained and ready for the storms? You cant repair a damaged ship in the middle of the ocean during a hurricane, but you can maintain it and prepare for the storm. All our possessions are simply extensions of ourselves. If they are immaculate and strong, our minds are too. 

2020 vision is CLEAR! Contact us to help you maintain your buildings and homes.

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