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Maintaining your home: Part 1

Like with most things, maintaining your home is vital. In this case, your home. In this series we will be covering the "how to" and reasons why maintenance is important for your property. 

Maintenance can be a daunting project, and if it hasn’t been done for awhile, it won’t just be maintenance you will be doing. Repairs will be on that list also. So why let it get that far and where do you start? 

Where to Start?

Easy, always start on the outside. Reason for this, is your home is exposed to an array of different weather systems happening daily. From cool mornings, to mid-day sun blast and rain in the afternoon. Or even rain all morning, and a mid-day 30-degree sun blast then a thunder storm in the evening. Your home is taking all of that, so its normal to expect the exterior of your house to require more attention than your interior. So, let’s look at the basic things to maintain the outside of your house. 

Outdoor basics

First will be gardening. I know this is basic, however it’s important to keep your garden as creatures like to hibernate in unkept gardens, bushy areas and high grass. Also, it will allow you to properly inspect the walls of your house and boundary walls. Secondly, take note of how water drains away. Weather it is after rain fall or just normal ground water. This will help you identify any potential flooding threats and possible damp issues in your home. 

After dealing with the garden. Let's focus on your house, the MOST valuable asset that you own. Now for the most part, if your home has been plastered and painted, you want to make sure that any flat surface on your home such as ledges, flat slabs, parapet walls, boundary wall tops, window sills and flat roofs are waterproofed and maintained every 2-3 years. This is one of the most important items on your home to maintain. The damage water can cause can cost thousands to repair! Let’s prevent that. Now, don’t go and buy the cheapest waterproofing from your nearest builders, look for the quality stuff. The better the quality, the less problems you will have. Simple as that. If you not much of a DIY'er, hire a professional. Not a guy off the street, but someone that will look after your house as much as you do. This way you know it’s done properly, professionally and you have a guarantee. 

Getting into the detail

Second main item to maintain is your window frames. More specifically aluminium frames. These can be problematic over time when the sealed joins between the frame and the walls become brittle and break. When these frames are installed, contractors use a sealant to seal the doors and window frames. This sealant just protects the walls from water ingress, wind and dust. So, when this sealant starts to become brittle and break away, water will start penetrating the walls. Once water has found a small enough hole to get into, damp will start forming in the wall. To prevent this, get your frames re-sealed every 2-3 years. 

These are the basic maintenance steps for your home. In the next chapter of maintaining your home, we will be talking about paint and what to look out for when inspecting you'r home for maintenance. 

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